The Club Receives a Grant


News Release Friday 28th July 2017

The Wodonga Bowling Club has recently received a grant of $4000 from the City of Wodonga to appoint a Consultant to assist with the development of a Strategic Business Plan to guide the Club over the next 2-5 years, without ignoring longer term goals. Michelle Hudson of “The Communications Dept.” will work with the Board, Members and Bowls Australia Regional Manager, Josh Thornton, over the next 2-3 months targeting:-

Financial Stability; Marketing and Improvement of Facilities; Promoting Bowls as a Sport to Recruit New Members; Governance and Management Practices; Board Structure; Sponsorship and Involvement of Volunteers in the Club’s operation.

The Development of a Strategic Plan has been commenced on numerous occasions over recent years, but has never been completed to provide a detailed Document to guide the Club forward, which then should be reviewed annually, in conjunction with a much more formal budgeting process.

Members are invited to bring relevant issues and ideas to the attention of Board Members or Josh Thornton at any time.

David Broad, Chairman.