Bowls Victoria Clearance Applications/Clearance Rebate


Bowls Victoria Clearance Applications 

Your Club Communications Officer will have recently received a notification advising of the change of fee for a Bowls Victoria Clearance Application and how the new Clearance Application Rebate Process works and how it will be administered through Bowls Victoria. 

This increase in the fee to $60.00 will apply from 1 August 2017. 

Bowls Victoria will retain $20.00 as an administrative cost with the remaining $40.00 being credited to the Club who is granting the clearance. 

This new policy is designed to assist Clubs when members move to another Club after the 2017 – 2018 Club Fee was invoiced. 

Clearance Application Rebate – 1 August 2017 

Commencing 1 August 2017, Clearance Applications will be invoiced at $60 per Clearance incl. GST to the Club that is accepting the new member, with $40 incl. GST in the form of a rebate being returned to the Club granting the clearance.

•  Clearance Application rebate(s) will be kept separately and CANNOT be used to offset against Clubs’ operating activities with Bowls Victoria;

•  Clearance Application rebate(s) will be returned to Clubs on a periodical basis to ensure;

• the elimination of Clubs from receiving extra benefits if they apply for Financial Relief from Affiliation Club Fees through the identified process, (This rebate will be deducted from any pending Financial Relief adjustment) and,

• to enable an accurate reconciliation;

•  A list of Approved Clearance Applications (*** names) will be provided to the Clubs granting the Clearance with the rebate returned periodically;

•  No early rebate payment request(s) will be considered. 

2017-2018 Rebate Schedule:

•  Period 1: Aug – Oct

•  Period 2: Nov – Dec

   (Clearances are not processed from 1 Jan – 31 March)

•  Period 3: Apr – June 30 

The attached form highlights the information above and provides opportunity for Clubs to submit their most up to date and accurate Bank Account information, so processing of the rebate payment can be made easy and with a minimum of delay.


Graeme Bridge

Attachment:  Clearance Application Rebate