Teams - Weekend Pennant 17 Feb 18


 Well done to the following teams fore making the Finals. The club wishes you all the best and hope you can go all the way.

Sides Captains: Please note your resonsibilities as detailed on the Conditions of Play found in the document sent to the club advising of Finalists and venues. If you have not been provided a copy please check with the Chairman of Selectors.


SATURDAY 17 Feb 18
Wodonga  A1 Versus Benalla at YMGCR
Skipper Third Second Lead
P. McLarty S. Coulston M. Morgan R. Moon
P. Davies B. Coulston B. Harbridge J. Hodson
J. Rudd A. Bates F. Baldock D. King
K. Whitehead M. Coulston K. Challis J. Howes
Manager:  E. Bullman   .
. . . .
Wodonga  A3 Versus Yarrawonga at Corowa Civic
Skipper Third Second Lead
M. McGrath B. Barton R. Coulston C. Morgan
C. Fitzmaurice J. Vannispen P. Smyth J. Jones
D. Broad D. Smith A. Morgan J. Boyd
A. Green M. Lawn A. Bounader N. Nash
Manager:  C. Fitzmaurice   .
. . . .
Wodonga  A4 Versus Yackandandah at Corowa Services
Skipper Third Second Lead
M. Bounader K. Mundie G. Eastlake B. Nash
M. Neilson K. Barnes T. Wright Joan Boyd
K.Polley M. Koppens L. Duncan R. McFarlane
G. McGuire G. Cox D. McLean N. Smedley
Manager:  M. Neilson   .