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The club is located in central Wodonga at the corner of Hovell and Osburn Street (Murray Valley Highway) south east of High Street, one block back from Red Rooster. The club is in close proximity to Quest Apartments, High Street Motels and the Wodonga Court House/Police Station. For the location of the Club a map can be found under the 'Location' tab.  


The Club has a large Function Room allowing it to cater for most occasions, but it specialises in Weddings, Birthdays and other more formal events such as Wakes. Catering can be provided by the Club, but self catering options are available if desired. Some photographs of the Club's amenities for functions, set up for weddings and party celebrations are shown below. 

For further information or bookings contact Club Manager:Bob Ellwood, Mob: 0423 331 179 or Ph: 02 6024 1554




Pennant Draws for season 2016-2017 Delayed

The Pennant Draws have been delayed until the composition of Divisions can be finalised.

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AMENDMENT 3 - Ovens and Murray Region - Ladies State Events

The O&M Region Ladies Programme of Events has been amended.

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Weekend Pennant Selection Policy 2016-2017

The Club has updated it's Weekend Pennant Selection Policy for 2016-2017

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