Men’s Club Championship Singles Draw.

  • Games are 25up. Club uniform to be worn for all games.
  • All Players will be required to be available to mark a game if defeated in a previous round. If this requirement is declined by the player they will be unable to participate in any further club events for the 2020/21 season.
  • 2 Rounds Minimum to be played on Sunday 8th of November
R Taylor v B Jones
J. Paini v M. Morgan
J. Hodson v K. Mundie
P. McLarty v G. Howlett
A. Green v B. Owen
J. Horne v A. Streltschenko
A. Bates v J. VanNispen
F. Baldock v D. King
D. Broad v P. Smyth
D. Nichol v B. Luty
J. Howes v B. Harbridge
J. Rudd v D. Smith
G. Porter v B. Miller
B. Barton v B. Coulston
Rd 2
J. Sarroff v Winner of Taylor/Jones
M. Bayliss v Winner of Barton/Coulston