Monthly Members Draw

The monthly Major Members Draw is held on the last Friday of the month  The initial plan was for a draw for $200 jackpotting by $200 per month until it reached $1000. Once the jackpot reached $1000 and did not go off the club would continue to draw the membership numbers with prizes broken down into $500, $200, $200 and $100.

On the night of the Monthly Members Draw a meal will be available (on order the day before – indicate on the Club Notice Board) and will differ from month to month.

The new Happy Hour initiative was to  encourage more members to attend the club on Fridays allowing the club to give more back to our members through better raffles and cheaper drinks (hopefully for longer than the mandated Happy Hour). This initiative has achieved it’s objective in increasing Friday Happy Hour attendance numbers. The varying meal menu’s have been a great success – thanks to all involved.

The Board, at it’s next meeting, will review whether the Major Monthly Members Draw will continue beyond May 

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